Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We can't wait for you to see the great new items we have in the store. We'll post photos soon, but meanwhile, can't resist telling you about them:

* We now display gorgeous bracelets made by Anita Stowers-- lampwork and silver, fringed designs of delicate seedbeads and pearls, multistrand beauties in remarkably wearable colors. The colors are amazing, and the designs unlike any you've seen!

* Jean Lewis from Lewis Designs delivered four sets of handmade bookshelves today, from large to smaller. In these, you'll find transitional styling, meticulous construction, and fabulous colors (cayenne pepper, anyone?)-- come see what a gorgeous piece of furniture embodies!

* We also received new jewelry from Sacred Bracelets-- texturally intriguing bracelets include styles like Taos, with the warm colors of the desert, and Fairyland, with its rich blend of greens and purple. These are designed to celebrate the unique passages in a woman's life, and you'll find something appropriate to any occasion.

* and it's too early to advertise it, but over the next day or two we'll be unpacking handcrafted wood cutting boards, pillar candle holders, OSU side tables, carved candles, crafted glass, and more.

The Market is filled with lovely surprises and fantastic wares-- come in and see what's in store for you!

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