Thursday, July 2, 2009


Stop in at The Market at Serendip from 10:00-5:00 on Saturday, 7/4, for a refreshing glass of lemonade. It's a great, thirst-quenching break from parades and celebrations! Plus it will give you a chance to see some fantastic new products!!

Last week, we got our first batch of handmade Just Bubbly soaps. These glycerine soaps include designs like flip-flop shaped soaps, bar soap with dinosaur toys within, and (my personal favorite) puzzle soaps! We also carry teddy bear soaps (great for baby showers) and My Pet Fish, which look just like the carnival prizes you used to win as a kid.

Next, I want to introduce you to Canine Closet! You won't believe the amazing selection of dog clothing and accessories, lovingly handmade by Sue Robinson. Everything from bow ties to dresses (many are reversible!), raincoats to bib overallas, ponchos to shirts-- enough choices that your pup will never wonder what to wear! You'll also find dog-themed accessories-- travel water bottles for your dog, backpacks, and tissue holders in dog-themed fabric. Puppy paradise!

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