Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wow! Last night's Final Friday-- Serendip's first ever-- was a huge success. Some of our favorite customers, plus some new ones, joined us for wonderful autumn snacks and great sales. Many must-have items were discounted for the evening, and we took the occasion to welcome the addition of two more artists: Doug and Cheryl Kneisley, and Mandij's Toffee.

Cheryl and Doug Kneisley offer for your pleasure brilliant underwater photography. The Kneisleys have captured colorful ocean life on film throughout many tropical dives, and have brought these refreshing and vivid images to The Market at Serendip.

Another addition is Mandij's Toffee; a delectable hand-created confection perfect for gift giving or your own secret pleasure. Just wait till you taste it!!

Photos by Candice McMurphy.


nolaa gallery said...

I am bummed I missed the music, hopefully he will play again soon!

Terri said...

Too bad it wasn't happening while I was still in town! I sent you one of the photos I took in your shop by e-mail. Much success with your new gallery!!!