Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Clean up and set up are nearly complete on the new, improved Market at Serendip. As of August 20, we'll be opening our doors at 36 N. Liberty! Built in the late 1890's, the site was originally a flour mill. It went through a number of transitions, including a day care center and a mortgage office. And after a few more changes, it will be the perfect backdrop for our eclectic collection of original art, upscale handcrafts, and unique accessories and decor.

The new site at Liberty Road has offered its own personal share of happy surprises-- including 10" oak beam construction secured by pegs, and an AUTHENTIC flour advertisement!

Along with a wide variety of beautiful items for your shopping pleasure, we'll be offering an extensive schedule of classes and events, and will have a dedicated classroom for all activities.

Even though we're changing locations, we won't be changing our commitment to the work of local artists, or our mission to bring a serendipitious shopping experience to all of our customers. Plan to come in and see us!

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dogdazzle said...

Wow, how excited were you to find that painted beam!!?? That is so amazing! I can't wait to see the shop.
Lea Ann